In version 2.2.7 of Post Promoter Pro, the ability for an author to connect their individual Twitter account was added. They can then choose to auto Re-Tweet any tweet sent by the primary Twitter account for the posts they are the author on.

For an author to connect their Twitter account they visit the ‘Your Profile’ section of the WordPress admin:

Once there, they can click to Connect to Twitter:

They will be asked to approve Post Promoter Pro:

And then they can choose to enable the options of their choice:

The two settings do the following:

  • Retweet my posts when they are published:
    If the post is set to “Tweet on publish”, the author’s account will Retweet the primary account’s Tweet.
  • Retweet scheduled shares of my posts:
    If there are scheduled Tweets for posts the user is an author on, it will Retweet those scheduled Tweets when they are posted.