Sorry for the delay in getting this release out. Things got a little busy in my life as we welcomed our new boy into the world. Between some sleep and good family time I’ve been working on getting the ‘Retweet as author’ feature working, and here, in 2.2.7 Beta 1 it is ready for some testing.

Changes in 2.2.7

  • Fix: Character count color indicator incorrect at times
  • Fix: Convert H2 tags in admin pages to H1 tags
  • Fix: Account list table width and placeholders causing spacing issues
  • New: Ability for author to have their posts retweeted as them

Retweet as Author

This is the feature that makes 2.2.7 a great update and took some work to get right. This feature allows for an author to sign in with Twitter on their profile editor page in WordPress admin, and choose to have Post Promoter Pro Retweet the primary account when it Tweets their articles. Here is how this looks:

First they need to edit their profile in WordPress by going to Users > Your Profile

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.52.46 AM

Once on their profile, if they have the author capability, they can connect Post Promoter Pro with their Twitter account.

Authors are presented with the ability to connect their Twitter account.

After clicking to Sign in with Twitter, they’ll be asked to Authorize Post Promoter Pro.

They will be asked to approve the Post Promoter Pro app.

After authorizing Post Promoter Pro, the author will be redirected back to their profile where they can choose a few options.

After approving the app they will be redirected to their profile.

The author has 2 options they can enabled, to have the initial Tweet on Publish to be Retweeted, and to have any scheduled Tweets retweeted. This only affects Tweets of which are sharing a blog post they are an author of.

Obtaining the beta

License key holders can get this beta from within their ‘Account‘ page. Instructions on installing the beta are listed there.

If you run into any issues you can use the Support page to contact me.

Written by Chris Klosowski

Hey, my name is Chris Klosowski, a WordPress plugin developer based out of Queen Creek, Arizona, and the developer of Post Promoter Pro. I am also a Lead Developer for Easy Digital Downloads, a complete eCommerce plugin for selling digital products through WordPress, as well as a WordPress core contributor. I focus mainly on eCommerce and social media-based plugins, but love building small utility plugins when the need arises.

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