The time has come, for version 2.1 to be let loose into the wild. I appreciate all the feedback, input, and testing everyone has done. Version 2.1 is the long awaited Facebook Integration. Along with that there were a number of small improvements to the user experience, performance, and featured image attachments.

Here’s a list of things added, improved, and fixed:

  • NEW: Facebook Support
  • UPDATED: Redesigned Account management list with additional column for debugging
  • UPDATED: Tweet length indicators now account for Featured Images
  • UPDATED: Moved the plugin to load on plugins_loaded
  • UPDATED: Welcome page…duh ūüėČ
  • FIX: Ignore featured image attaching, when no featured image is assigned to post
  • FIX: LinkedIn Expiration times were incorrect (you may need to disconnect and reconnect LinkedIn)
  • FIX: Improved Session usage, to help with overall performance
  • FIX: Any already scheduled shares should be removed when you go back and check to ‘not schedule social media for this post’
  • FIX: Don’t stomp on other Dashicons
  • FIX: Remove the ‘autoload’ from our ppp_version option
  • FIX: Stop direct access to core files

This release is a big step and I look forward to a few more social networks being added, if you have one you would like to see, please list it in the comments below. I’m looking into Google+ still, it’s not off my radar.


Still haven’t purchased? No worries, head on over to our pricing page and choose the license for you.


As always, if you run into any issues, please hit up the Support form and let me know.

Here’s to a happy new year!

Written by Chris Klosowski

Hey, my name is Chris Klosowski, a WordPress plugin developer based out of Queen Creek, Arizona, and the developer of Post Promoter Pro. I am also a Lead Developer for Easy Digital Downloads, a complete eCommerce plugin for selling digital products through WordPress, as well as a WordPress core contributor. I focus mainly on eCommerce and social media-based plugins, but love building small utility plugins when the need arises.

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