Post Promoter Pro 2.2 has been tagged and deployed! While last release focused on getting a great Facebook integration build. This release focused on improving the existing Twitter Scheduling feature and overall Twitter experience. With it, you can maximize the potential of your Twitter account.

There are some new features, tweaks to existing features, and some bug fixes, but the main changes are:

Open Ended Tweet Scheduling

No longer are you limited to scheduling only up to 6 Tweets, one each day after the publishing of your post. Now you can endlessly add scheduled Tweets, and schedule multiples in the same day if you wish.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.52.49 PM

Unique Twitter Photos

Along side this new open ended sharing, you’ll also notice you can specify a featured image for each Tweet, and not just the one associated with the post! Each scheduled Tweet has the ability to define an image (or leave it blank for just a text Tweet), allowing you to change it up a little with each share.

Twitter Card Support

In the Social Settings you can now enable Twitter Cards, which give a richer experience for those who view your Tweets shared with Post Promoter Pro. Before enabling this, you may want to make sure any SEO plugins you have installed aren’t doing so already. Twitter Cards are only supported on Tweets that do not contain an image attachment, and will use the Featured Image attached to the post Here’s what they look like:

In Timeline

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.15.12 AM


Other Notable Changes

  • Updated the Twitter and Facebook thumbnail sizes
  • Allow local Social Media Keys/Secrets
  • Updated Schedule List View with attached image and better column widths
  • Fixed CSS Conflict in the Media List View
  • Fixed ‘Post As’ getting reset to ‘Me’ after re-newing Facebook tokens
  • Updated the plugin updater class to the most recent version

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Written by Chris Klosowski

Hey, my name is Chris Klosowski, a WordPress plugin developer based out of Queen Creek, Arizona, and the developer of Post Promoter Pro. I am also a Lead Developer for Easy Digital Downloads, a complete eCommerce plugin for selling digital products through WordPress, as well as a WordPress core contributor. I focus mainly on eCommerce and social media-based plugins, but love building small utility plugins when the need arises.

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